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There’s More To Proper Gutter Installation Than Meets The Eye

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people think gutter installation is pretty straightforward, but it entails far more than meets the eye.
  • If you want your gutters to do their job correctly—channel rainwater away from your home and foundation—then you need to make sure they’re installed properly.
  • Good gutter installation and maintenance are critical to maintaining your home’s comfort, attractiveness, and value.
  • DIY installation is not wise because mistakes can cost you. One could get injured while replacing their gutters, sizing is difficult, incorrect angles may destroy your gutter system, etc.

When it comes to gutter installation, most people think it’s a pretty straightforward process. After all, how hard can it be to attach some gutters to the edge of a roof? Well, as it turns out, good gutter installation entails far more than meets the eye.

Suppose you want your gutters to do their job correctly and channel rainwater away from your home and foundation. Then you must ensure they’re installed properly.

In this blog, iRoofers of America will discuss the importance of proper gutter installation and why you should leave this job to professionals.

Gutters – The Importance of Proper Installation

Finding the correct type of gutter system, whether vinyl or aluminum, to match your home’s demands, and maintaining it, may not be at the top of your project list, but it is essential.

Gutters channel water away from your roof. When they fail, water has nowhere to go, which can cause structural damage, such as water pooling and leaks inside your home. Gutters also keep water away from sidewalks and patios—no one likes to be soaked when stepping out to the driveway! They also protect decks and doors from water damage and redirect water away from the foundation, preventing sinking and cracking. Needless to say, if the right system is not implemented, your foundation, roof, and basement may experience damage. For all of these reasons, your gutters must be properly placed.

A properly built gutter system will have seamless gutters on every sloping roof edge. Gutters should not leak or accumulate standing water, be appropriately linked to the fascias, and have downspouts that are securely fixed to the house’s exterior. Gutter guards can also be present.

Why Should You Leave Gutter Installation to Professionals?

When dealing with a damaged or hanging gutter, you may be tempted to put your handyman talents to the test, but this is one project best left to professional companies. Here are a few reasons why a DIY gutter installation is not a wise decision:

01: It Is Quite Simple to Make Mistakes.

Do you understand how to install seamless gutters correctly? We’re not trying to be disrespectful, but there’s a good possibility you don’t. And why should you until you’ve had formal training? When completing any gutter installation process, several stages might be overlooked. Do you, for example, know how to install gutter hangs correctly? Do you know about gutter screws or how to avoid ice flows? These concepts may be familiar to you, but only a professional completely comprehends them.

02: You Could Get Hurt

Even if you are bold enough to climb the ladder, you may injure yourself. Many believe it would never happen to them; however, anybody can get injured when repairing their gutters.

Fractures and concussions are prevalent in persons who fall from ladders. Still, more serious injuries, such as paralysis or death, are also conceivable.

If the possibility of injury isn’t enough to keep you from replacing your gutters, the subsequent medical expenditures could be. Buying all the supplies for a DIY job and a medical bill will cost far more than hiring a gutter installer.

03: Type of Materials

4Aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wood are all choices for gutters. Each has distinct benefits and drawbacks that a gutter company will be able to explain in detail. Factors such as the climate, the style of your home, and how much you are willing to pay all play a role in deciding which material is best for your needs. If you do this wrong from the start, you’ll be looking at years of costly repair and maintenance work.

04: Sizing Is Difficult.

It may appear that changing gutters should be simple. Still, there are many sizes, and selecting the appropriate size and kind of gutter is critical to keeping your house in good condition.

If the gutter is too large, the weight may cause it to separate, whereas a gutter that is too small may cause overflow during regular rains. A skilled gutter provider can determine the optimal size for your property based on their experience.

05: Incorrect Angles May Destroy Your Gutter System.

Hanging a gutter may not be as straightforward after you have the correct size. If the angle or pitch is incorrect, you might wind up with unexpected waterfalls, a lopsided home, or even unintentional foundation damage.


06: You Will Not Get Seamless Gutters

Seams are the most vulnerable portion of a gutter system since they are the most susceptible to crack, leak, or break-off. By eliminating seams from your gutters, you reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring to you. However, getting the seams correct might be a significant problem, especially if you’re new to this house repair.

That is why it is important to select seamless gutters; they look better and are less prone to leak, resulting in less possible damage to the side of your house. But the option is only available through licensed gutter contractors.

07: Doing Things Twice Costs Both Time And Money.

Start your gutter project and it fails. You will not only have to pay for all the components and pieces again, but you will also have to either start from scratch and risk another failure or contact the pros.

In either case, getting expert guidance from a local gutter business is probably advisable!

Ending Note:

Overall, it’s safe to conclude that good gutter installation and maintenance are critical to maintaining your home’s comfort, attractiveness, and value. Even little errors can cost tens of thousands of dollars; therefore, it’s worth getting them done professionally. Make sure you choose a contractor with a proven track record and possesses liability and workers’ compensation insurance for any personnel they bring to the project.

Suppose you’re exhausted from dealing with water damage caused by malfunctioning gutters. In that case, it’s time to upgrade to iRoofers of America seamless gutters. We provide a range of seamless gutter options in various colors and styles to fit your Crowley home. 

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