Roofing Inspection – How & When To Schedule One?

Roofing Inspection – How & When To Schedule One?

Key Takeaways:

– With professional roof inspection, you get just the peace of mind you need to ensure your roof is in proper shape

– A roof in good shape keeps you and your family safe.

– Problems that can be detrimental to roof integrity, such as missing shingles or damage from storms, can be caught and repaired before they become significant issues.

– When scheduling a roof inspection, hire a contractor you can trust.

– Do your research, ask for credentials and references, and ensure the roof inspector is certified.

We get it; you care about your home and want nothing but the best remedy when it falls through. Unfortunately, roof inspections often fall on the back burner. It’s not your fault, actually. If you look at your roof and everything seems fine, why bother with a roof inspection?

iRoofers of America will burst your bubble by saying that the roof, which looks seemingly perfect and untouched, can still be harboring damage. We will answer when, why, and how you should schedule a professional roofing inspection. Let’s begin.

When to Schedule Roof Inspection?

When your roof is new

For new roofs, it is essential to schedule a roof inspection from a certified roof inspector to ensure everything is installed correctly. It’s also wise to schedule roof inspections every couple of years to catch any potential problems early on.

When you notice roof damage or leaks

Water corrosion can cause roof damage and leaks, leading to costly problems if not addressed quickly. Letting a certified roof inspector examine and assess the water damage in your roof will pave the way for action. By action, we mean the professional will provide you with options to repair or replace the roof before further damage occurs.

After extreme weather events

Hailstorms and high winds can leave your roof in disarray. Sometimes in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions, it may be a bit challenging for you alone to determine how extensive the damage has been. However, with professional roof inspection, you get just the peace of mind you need to ensure your roof is in proper shape.

When your gutters are overflowing

Your roof isn’t the only thing that can suffer damage during extreme weather events, your gutters can also be affected. And not just severe weather but regular wear and tear can also cause damage to your gutters. Overflowing gutters are not something to tackle yourself, and you will surely need the insight of a certified roof inspector to ensure the problem is fixed correctly.

When you face unseen issues

Issues with your roof aren’t always visible to the naked eye, and sometimes it can make it hard to track where exactly the problem lies. A certified roof inspector comes with all the necessary knowledge and tools to properly inspect and diagnose roofing issues. No matter whether the issue’s small or big, a roofing inspection will bring the problem to the surface.

When your shingles are wearing out

From discoloration to physical damage, shingles can begin to wear out over time. Scheduling a roof inspection will allow any damaged shingles to be replaced before your roof looks patchy or, worse, begins to leak. A roof inspector can also advise on whether it’s time for a replacement.

Why Schedule Roof inspection

For your safety

The first and foremost reason to schedule a roof inspection is for your and your family’s safety. Undiagnosed issues that don’t look like a big deal can culminate into significant roof damage, including roof collapse. A certified roof inspector is your savior because only they can accurately assess the structural integrity of your roof.

For your safety

Protect your roofing warranty

Depending on your roof installation company, you must regularly have roof inspections to maintain your roofing warranty. Why is that important? A warranty would be your window to free roof repairs and replacements if anything were to go wrong. Don’t let it expire due to negligence!

Filing an insurance

Don’t we all hate the insurance claim process? The roof inspector’s report can provide solid evidence for roof damages caused by natural disasters or other external factors. Now the dread of paperwork and phone calls can be alleviated with the roof inspector’s professional documentation.

Opt for a viable strategy

The nature of your roofing problem makes a difference in how you should proceed. Should you repair or replace it? A roof inspector can assess the situation and provide expert advice on the most cost-effective solution. Having said that, you must also ensure that the roofing contractor you pick for inspection comes with adequate experience. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and money.

How to Schedule Professional Roof Inspection

1. Do your research

Everything from a Google search to knocking down your neighbors’ doors to getting recommendations from friends and family. This step is crucial as some roof inspections can be pretty expensive, so you want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

2. Ask for credentials

A reputable roofing contractor must be insured and certified by the authorities. It is perfectly fine to ask for credentials and even request to see proof of insurance before hiring them for the job. Remember, roof inspections can be pretty dangerous, and you want to trust that the roof inspector knows what they are doing.

3. Choose a roof inspector who offers a thorough report

If you’re wondering, “how am I supposed to know that?” just ask. A reputable roof inspector should be able to provide a comprehensive report that includes pictures, potential problem areas, and recommended solutions.

4. They come with experience

How much experience your certified roof inspector has can make all the difference. In roofing, experience often equates to the knowledge and the ability to spot problems that can decide the fate of your roof. If you want the job done right, choose an inspector who has been in the roofing industry for a while.

Ending Note:

Scheduling a roof inspection is one of those things that homeowners often put off because they don’t want to face the potential cost of repairs. But, by waiting until there is a problem, you may be putting your home and family at risk. A professional roof inspection can help identify any issues before they become big problems and, in some cases, may even qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

iRoofers of America, serving Lake Worth, TX, is your top-rated roofing company. From residential to commercial roofing, our certified roof inspectors have the experience and knowledge to accurately assess your roof’s condition.

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